We are honored to host Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff. By popular demand, the maestros themselves will run two workshops in Antwerp Belgium: "Managing a Future Search" and "Don't Just Do Something. Stand There!".

During these workshops, you will learn about their philosophy and methods for addressing contemporary issues. Leaders and directors alike constantly flag up the need to address current challenges collectively. Co-creation is the key. In Marvin and Sandra’s workshops you discover together how to create innovative participatory processes in an effective way.

Don't Just Do Something. Just Stand There - Workshop
3 - 5 june 2013

Don’t Just Do Something. Stand there! - an advanced facilitation workshop - presents a philosophy, theory and practice you can use each time you lead a meeting. Many people consider meetings a waste of time but meetings ought to be engaging, time-efficient and productive. You can make them that way by managing structure rather than participants’ attitudes, motivation, and behavior. This workshop introduce you to several ways for doing that. In particular focussed on when to act responsibly and when to ‘just stand there’ and allow people to be responsible form themselves.

Registration fee: € 1.850,- (excl. VAT, 21%)
Early Bird Price 
€ 1.650,- (before May 1st)

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‘I've learned that it’s my role to control what I can control, 
and to relax about leaving everything else in the hands of the group.’
Manageing a Future Search - Workshop
6 - 8 june 2013

A unique opportunity, guided by Marvin and Sandra, to discover how you can quickly and effectively transform ambitions into action. Future Search is one of the most successful approaches to participatory strategy- and organization-development.

During the 3-day workshop you will learn about the underlying theories, the principles derived from them, and how to apply these principles. You will experience how a Future Search leads to sustainable breakthroughs and generates complete new forms of collaboration.

Registration fee: € 2.100,- (excl. VAT, 21%)
Early Bird Price € 1.950,- (before May 1st)

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‘Future Search is the best way to create and consolidate innovation!'

Download the report of the Workshop they gave in 2011