'It worked like a very good professional
therapy to me. Great learnings, sometimes confrontational. The group was part 
of the reason why it was successful, also because Sandra and Marvin 
empowered us in our roles.’ 
Maarten Thissen,
Haagse Hogeschool

Workshop fee
Registration fee: € 1.850,- (excl. VAT, 21%)
Early Bird Price € 1.650,- (before May 1st)

Registration fee includes participation in workshop sessions including workshop material, buffet lunch, forenoon/afternoon drinks and snacks and a welcome dinner at day one of the workshop. Participants receive one copy of a book of their choice.

  • We can arrange accommodation for you. When arriving at 2 June and 
    departing at 6 June the cost will be XXXX euro.
  • When arriving at 2 June we can arrange an extra overnight reservation. 
    The extra cost wil be XXXX euro.
  • If you like to share the room with a colleague the extra amount will be XX euro per night for the extra person.
Reduces Fees
Any group of five or more who register together will have a rebate of 15%.
If you are planning a future search in your organisation or community, want training in the methods and cannot afford workshop costs, you may qualify for reduced tuition if you work full-time for a non-profit or a public agency.
We have limited places available for full-time students and/or PhD students.
Please contact us for more information at  Workshops@kaapz.nl