'I have made an amazing discovery, in the power and complexity of simplicity. Because that’s how I remember the approach of Marvin and Sandra. They made me realize how powerful it can be if, together with or for a group, you stick to some extremely simple principles.’
Jaap Lange, programme manager at Gemeente Breda (local authority)
Workshop Managing a FutureSearch

6 - 8 June 2013

A unique opportunity, guided by Marvin and Sandra, to discover how you can quickly and effectively transform ambitions into action. Future Search is one of the most successful approaches to participatory vision- and organization-development. With a Future Search it is possible to work with a wide variety of people with highly diverse interests towards a common goal. 

Future Search makes participants discover where their common ground lies. Collectively reached agreements reduce existing differences and create a constructive environment for collaborative work in the future. Future Search has been successfully used  hundreds of times across the globe and in all sections of society. 
During the workshop you will learn about the underlying theories, the principles derived from them, and how to apply these principles. You will experience how a Future Search leads to sustainable breakthroughs and generates complete new forms of collaboration.