KaapZ – Pioneers in co-creation – helps people and their organizations realize their collective ambitions.
KaapZ helps organizations transform into workplace communities where inspiration, professionality and precision go hand in hand with pleasure, good fellowship and passion.
We enable people to discover their common ground and help them create focused and coordinated action. KaapZ uses methods that deliberately involve a critical mass of people, both inside and outside the organization. People only change and develop if they are truly involved.
In that way we help employees, managers and directors become owners of their own implementation plans and change processes. KaapZ literally forms processes. We design, 
manage and coordinate the whole process, take care of all communication activities, manage and organize the meetings, and help to translate and implement the results: We arrange meetings that matter. KaapZ is more than just an agency of experienced management consultants, more than a club of triggering communication consultants, more than a studio of creative designers: it is the combination that makes KaapZ what it is. 

Jan Griffioen 
Gemma van der Ploeg
Rolf Resink 
Eric Spaans
Damseweg 49 
2975 LG Ottoland 
T +31 653 73 00 66
E info@kaapz.nl
W www.kaapz.nl